After just ONE call with one of the amazing ladies in my community she booked herself EIGHT sales calls within just a week of our first session.

The BIGGEST breakthrough was realising that she can go out and find business and not just to sit back and hope that it will happen.

Yes we will get business come our way with the right marketing and attraction marketing strategy, but we will get FAR MORE business when we have a strategic sales plan with both an inbound and outbound strategy.

Outbound AND Inbound Strategies are the key to success in generating and closing sales!

Make sure you have both!

Here are a few things to think about when putting an outbound strategy together,

1. Who am I helping?
Be clear on who you are helping and how. What do your potential clients actually need from you and how can you deliver this?

2. How can I help more people?
Often the business model you go for is trading your time for money, meaning you have a limit to how many people you can work with at one time and there is a cap on your income. There are a few different models when it comes to helping more people, think about how this looks in your business.

3. How can I reach out to people and give real value?
Always lead with value, always. Help your potential clients solve a problem they may have with a free resource, and then build genuine connections.

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