What is the REAL KEY to SUCCESS?!

Being Persistent & consistency!

People talk all over social media about how successful their business is & how much money they are making as though it happened overnight.

This gives a false hope that if you market your business on social media for the next few months your business will become successful, you’ll start making shit tons of money & it will all be plain sailing from there.

Business can be easy, and it can be hard.

You’ve got the be in it for the long haul, you’ve gotta be in it for time.

Yes your business can be a MASSIVE success, and it will be if you be persistent in your approach, and keep it consistent.

If something’s not working then change your approach, but ALWAYS stay persistent & consistent.

Don’t expect it to happen overnight, and don’t expect it to happen in weeks or months.

Although it could, commit yourself to get results whenever they come, weeks, months or years.

Here are 3 ways I stay consistent and keep myslef motivated that I hope will help you…

1. Schedule all of my content on Recur Post.
You can set up a free account with Recur Post and set up your social media to schedule out consistently. Meaning, that if you are not well or don’t feel like creating content one week you will have content ready to go out for you.

2. Setting Goals & Visualising.
Each and every day I visualise my goals as if I have achieved them. I put myself into this space daily and then take action from a place of value. This keeps me highly motivated and keeps me focused on the WHY.

3. Change my approach.
I am committed to changing my approach whenever I need to. If something is not working, then just change it up, look at it from all angles. Go away and come back to it another day, I commit to changing my approach whenever I need to, to ensure I get the results I have targetted for.

I hope you found that helpful!

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