This is a question I get asked quite a lot and so I thought it would make sense to create a blog about it that dives into the steps that I would take if I had an online course to create but had a very small budget to work on!

Online courses are so popular right now and with the market being so huge it makes sense for an online course to be a part of your business model! I work with online courses and my membership, which releases a new online course each month around starting, growing and creating a successful online business! We actually have an amazing online course coming soon in the membership which takes you through the whole process of starting, setting up and what platform to use and launching it!

Here though, I am going to talk to you about the technical side of the steps that I would take if I was just starting out in business and I wanted to get my online course up and running with very little budget!

1: To record the videos I would use zoom.

Zoom is a conferencing software that I also use to connect with my clients over the phone globally for my 1:1 coaching sessions!

For only $14.99 a month you can use extra features which allow you to share your screen and record your videos. You can easily set them up to download once they are recorded so you have them on your computer.

2: To edit my videos – iMovie

Add in any intro and outro clips I use iMovie, iMovie is free if you have a mac (which is what I have) and is super easy and quick to use! You can find some of my YouTube tutorials on how to add in intro’s and outro’s and create your videos by going to my YouTube Channel and subscribing by clicking here.

3: Music – Audio Jungle

If I am using music I would usually find something in audiojungle, which I LOVE! You can download the music and then add it into your video on iMovie!

4: Where to host it – Teachable

Once you have your videos and content, then I would begin to think about where I am hosting the course. I have previously done this on my WordPress website, on a membership I built in WordPress but I migrated it all over to Teachable in 2017 and then back over to wordpress again in 2018!! Teachable has so many amazing functions that make the whole process super simple and easy, for a begginner who is wanting to DIY this is a great option and they have a free option to host your online course which wouldn’t cost you a dime! I did have the paid version as I use my own payment gateways and the free option only allows you to get paid out by them once a month which I wasn’t keen on, but if you are happy with that they can take care of the whole process for you for free! They even have a webinar coming up soon ‘7 steps to launching your online profitable course’ which you can find out more about by clicking  >here<

You can also do a custom build on wordpress using memberpress, now this is where I have just migrated BACK TO and I must say, if you have a little bit of a budget and you want a beautiful completely customisable website then this is certainly the option for you! You can chat to me about the options I have available for a custom build membership starting from just £200! Click here to see more.

So if I was to be starting an online course with a very little budget, they are the tools I would use to make it super affordable and quick and easy! I highly recommend you check out the Teachable webinar coming soon ‘7 steps to launching your online profitable course’

You can also join The Playbook membership where we have tons of super resources, masterclasses and go in depth on how to create your online course, and how to market and launch!

Find out more about the membership and what’s included by clicking >here<

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