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On The Podcast, we talk with Female Entrepreneurs about all things business, mindset, life and anything else in between.

Head over there & listen to the first 3 episodes for some inspiration & motivation!

#1: Laura Barlett from House of Coco shares her journey from success to broke ass to breaking through even bigger and better! Her journey through the Dragons Den and now travelling the world we chat about how she was given a landrover to drive around in for her vlog! Yes! You heard me right! We love Laura, and I know you will too! CHECK IT OUT HERE

#2: Rachael Dunseath from MyRoo skincare. This woman is an inspiration! We talk through product development, the entrepreneurial journey, imposter syndrome being a real thing and how to pitch to big retailers like John Lewis and boots! She is just amazing! CHECK IT OUT HERE

#3: Lynsay Gould from escape the 9-5 talks us through her journey and how jealousy is actually good! We can use it as a driver for success, even when it’s over our husbands and their new found love of work! That spiralled her to take massive action and begin creating a life on her terms! We love Lynsay, she is a real inspiration! CHECK IT OUT HERE


#1: Canva is an online tool that helps you create beautiful images for your social, website, emails and anywhere else you want to add images and graphics! 

I literally use it daily in my business, it is my number 1 tool for creating visual beauty! Not only can you create amazing and beautiful images but you also create logos if you are on a budget, create pins for Pinterest, banners for your social media and literally any graphic you want! And it is so simple and easy to use! We even have a masterclass on how to use it within our Playbook membership! You can find out more about the membership by clicking HERE.

#2: Unsplash Has got to be my favourite of them all! I honestly cannot even stress to you how amazing this platform is! I use unsplash for all of my royalty free images and I am never ever let down, the guys over here are amazing and whatever images I need I can find them!

#3:  Audible If you are anything like me you LOVE learning new things and listening to amazing podcasts and reading books! Now, full disclosure here….it took me a LONG time to actually get audible myself. Only because, there really is nothing like having a proper book to hold, and obviously if you are listening to it, you can’t hold it, make notes in it, scribble all over it or put sticky notes all over it (yeh, I do that…) However! When I did finally decide to try the free trial, I FELL IN LOVE! I got through my first book in just 3 days! The only bad thing I can say is I want more that one book a month! Haha, We’ve teamed up with audible to get you your first 30 days free too so you can try it out! Yes, your welcome  CHECK IT OUT HERE

These are seriously bookmark-worthy sites! So don’t forget to add them to your bookmarks! 

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