Let’s make life easy!

Release Limiting Beliefs and take MASSIVE ACTION!

If I can do this, you can do this.

Who’s Rebecca Lockwood?

Rebecca is an Award winning NLP Mindset coach and the founder of The Female Entrepreneurs Network. You can find her featured in the Huffington Post, FOX and various other media as The Female Entrepreneur to watch!

With a successful sales career spanning the last 10 years and setting up her first business at just 17 Rebecca doesn’t only know her stuff but walks her talk. 

Rebecca prides herself in educating other female entrepreneurs to create a sustainable, scalable business model that allows you the freedom to live your life with passion. 

What have others achieved through working with Rebecca?

“I booked 8 new clients within 8 weeks!”

“When I found Rebecca, I was at the point where I was ready to give it all up and go back to working my 9-5 job. I had never been more broke in my life, I had spent all my savings trying to move my business forward and not got anywhere. At my wits end, I had a session with Rebecca. I knew I had money blocks, I just couldn’t get past it. After just one session with Rebecca, she helped me see I was completely undervaluing myself not charging my worth. Whilst working with Rebecca, I increased my prices by over 100% immediately and booked 8 new clients within 8 weeks! Thank you, Rebecca, for making me realise my true potential.” – Jen, Human Performance Coach

“I have increased my hourly rate by over 200%”

“When I first came across Rebecca I was working 5am-11pm Mon – Mon with no breaks! I rarely saw friends and didn’t have quality time with my partner. I was completely fully booked in my business but completely burnt out and not seeing a return on my investment. After working with Rebecca my mindset seems to have changed, its like a switch has been turned on, it is so bizarre. I feel more confident and I have my plans set out for each area of life and I know what I need to do, no looking back now. I am only looking forward to the future. I am finally moving forward and no longer undervaluing myself or comparing myself to others. I have increased my hourly rate by over 200%, I am working less hours, I am spending much more quality time with my friends and family! I feel like I have a life! I just wanted to say a big thank you and I should have done this a long time ago! Thank you Rebecca.” – Caroline

“I now have more clients, I am doing what I love and I feel positive and determined.”

“When I first started working with Rebecca I felt really stuck, had no direction and didn’t know what to do to make my business a financial success.

Rebecca not only helped pick apart the beliefs that were limiting me from achieving my potential, but were very strategic and action focussed allowing me to move forward by releasing limiting beliefs and having a solid step by step action plan putting structure and a solid base to my business.

I now have more clients, I am doing what I love and I feel positive and determined. I feel so comfortable now, like I am in the driving seat of my business and life. The difference is my business now feels scaleable, sustainable and as though failure is impossible!” – Cat