The Females Handbook to stepping into her personal potential.

Dear Beautiful,

I want you to know that you are reading this for a reason. This is no mistake, this is a gift. This has landed in your hands because you need reminding that the magic you seek is already within you. You do not need to search outside of yourself to validate who you are or why you are. You are the miracle you seek. Your time is now. You have completely got this. Take action on your biggest boldest dreams and believe in what’s possible. You can change the world with just an idea. Use this handbook as a tool to support you to step into your personal potential. Arm yourself with the inner knowing that you are capable. You are living your dream fear or no fear. You are a change maker and you are paving the way. I cannot wait to see your journey unfold. 

Love Rebecca x

Praise for the book

“I ADORE your new book! It feels like such a personal read. Lots of ways to participate. Love it.”

“The first thing I can say is WOW! I have read so many motivational, self-growth books but as a reader of this handbook what I really loved about this was that it felt personalised to me, incredibly inspiring, each section presented the opportunity to question myself and my life goals. I am one of many who will benefit from completing this handbook.”

“I was so meant to read this right now! It is so easy to find excuses, to look back on the things you wish you had done and blame other things on why you haven’t reached your goals yet. It makes you realise that we truly do have the power. It offers the tools needed to support and guide any motivated and passionate individual to success.”

“It makes me want to sit down with a pen properly and really go through it. Like as in yeah this could really help me. Defo would recommend it to others too”

Rebecca Lockwood Award winning master Mindset Coach, #1 best selling Author, global Speaker.
Rebecca is an award-winning Master NLP Mindset coach, #1 Best Selling Author, Global Speaker, a Mummy to 2 young girls and the founder of the Female Entrepreneur’s Network. You can find her featured on the BBC, Thrive global, The Huffington Post, FOX and more. With a successful sales career spanning the last 10 years and setting up her first business at just 17, Rebecca now uses her own experience and expertise to educate and empower other female entrepreneurs who feel stuck or overwhelmed to bring their dreams to life and live a life full of passion, purpose and freedom.

Suffering from post-natal depression after the birth of her first child, Rebecca stumbled across NLP and can only describe the experience as an awakening. She now supports women to step up into their power by breaking through their limiting beliefs and taking action towards their biggest, boldest dreams.

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