We were joined today by the lovely and charming Rebecca Hawkes! Rebecca is a social media strategist for female entrepreneurs. Rebecca has given us some amazing tips to go away and work with and I know that you will find tons and tons of value and golden nougats in here!

But firstly, a little about Rebecca! Rebecca is 27 and is from Essex in the UK, and has always LOVED travelling! She met her partner whilst travelling and they now live in Utila in Honduras where she is growing her successful Social Media Strategy business and her partner is a diving instructor!

We not only talk about social media strategy to help you guys (and me ovbs!) but we talk through how she’s overcome the limiting beliefs of not feeling good enough in business and being able to take action on achieving the dreams she has and being a successful business woman! For me, it doesn’t get much better than that! Living in an exciting exotic part of the world and having a successful business working with female entrepreneurs to do amazing things is the dream! I LOVE the sound of it all!


You can watch the full interview below and here are Rebecca’s top tips on putting together your social media strategy and how you can work your social like a female boss!


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Here are Rebecca’s top tips!


1.Focus on 1 platform, possibly 2 if you feel comfortable with social media. Rebecca says not to feel as though you have to be everywhere at all times, you can just focus in one place and get great results without overwhelming yourself and feeling as though you have to be all over the place!


2. Do your research. Rebecca explains that you have to do your research first to see where would be the best place to spend your time on social. She advises you can join 5-10 facebook groups that are full of your dream clients, build relationships in there by asking questions and providing support and then ask the community questions about where they hang out online and what their favourite platforms are.


3. Set yourself specific goals. By setting yourself goals you then know what action you need to take, how to take it, when to take it and can have a clear plan and strategy on what to do when and not feel as though you are lost and overwhelmed by everything as you have a daily to-do list!


4. Put an action plan together. Rebecca says you can put together daily steps to take to engage, post and be really clear on what you need to do daily to achieve your goals and ensure you are heading in the right direction.


5. Schedule your content. Rebecca advises that you should take a look at the top 3 things that people have said from the feedback given when doing your research and then you can create that content and schedule it to save you time and headspace!

Overall Rebecca says that if you plan and get clear, knowing you don’t have to be everywhere it will really help you be clear on your strategy and understand what to do when. You can have a clear plan in place and move closer and closer towards achieving the outcome you desire from your social media.

Rebecca has an amazing live training on helping you with social media that you can join in February!

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