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THE Best in the Business

KIDDING…Well, kinda…Not really!

FEN is founded by Rebecca Lockwood – sales mindset coach for female entrepreneurs. Rebecca figured that by supporting as many other women as possible, and sharing the love, money, cash, support and sales it would benefit everyone!

Yes, Rebecca wants to get rich, but she also wants you to have a piece of the pie too. And meaning that genuinely, if you succeed then we all succeed right?!

So if it’s just you telling a friend about FEN, or forwarding and sharing offers on social media and on your email list every now and then, being a guest blogger, or hosting an event in your location you are welcome on board any time!


What are the options?

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It doesn’t cost ANYTHING to become an ambassador and we actually PAY YOU 10% of all sales that are made through your referral links!

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